AMPL holders can now claim it


1. What is the FORTH token?

Forth is a new governance token that completes the Ample ecosystem by putting control of the protocol in the hands of the community. Using the Forth token, holders will be able to vote on changes to the protocol. Together, $AMPL + $FORTH mark a major milestone in the protocol’s journey towards becoming fully decentralized.

2. Am I eligible to claim it?

Everyone who has interacted with Ample on-chain before the snapshot block taken on: 03/30/21 is eligible to claim a portion of the Forth network. Over 80,000 people have interacted with Ample in the token's two year history, with over $5B in on-chain volume exchanged across Uniswap, Sushiswap, Balancer, and more. Connect your wallet above to see if you can claim.

3. How can I help?

A broader distribution is a better distribution. The $FORTH token is being entrusted to the widest possible network of holders who have a vested interest in $AMPL. You can help by making sure all of your friends and followers know to claim their tokens.