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Ampleforth is a digital-asset-protocol for producing smart commodity-money. Founded with a mission to create fair, politically independent money, the protocol’s creators noticed that commodity-monies like gold and silver are naturally fair and independent. Unfortunately, commodity-monies cannot efficiently respond to changes in demand, making them a poor substitute for central-bank-money

To address this shortcoming, the project's founders designed a synthetic commodity-money that propagates price-information into supply, much like how thermal expansion propagates nearby kinetic energy into a material’s volume in the natural world. This protocol allows its units (Amples) to avoid the deflationary problems of fixed-supply commodities without requiring a central authority. For more information visit

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Executive Bios

Evan Kuo, co-founder and CEO

Evan is an art and math lover. He was previously the CEO of Pythagoras Pizza and has extensive experience developing predictive auction products and working with venture capital. He took up a serious interest in cryptocurrencies while operating a vertically integrated business where he noticed that existing asset classes were contributing to a growing wealth divide, and realized cryptocurrencies could solve this problem. Evan holds a BS from UC Berkeley, where he studied a mix of ME & CS with research focused in Robotics.

Twitter: @evankuo

Brandon Iles, co-founder

Brandon spent over 5 years in Google's Search Ranking and Machine Intelligence groups and later worked in Uber's Location Search and Rider Prediction teams. He mined his first bitcoin so early he doesn't remember when it was and worked on one of the first mobile bitcoin wallets that were released onto the Android app store in 2011. He loves the intersection of Systems, Data, and Intelligence and holds a BS and MCS in Computer Science from Rice University.

Twitter: @brandoniles

Name Origin - 1984

Ampleforth is the name of a character in George Orwell's 1984 who is responsible for translating poetry into Newspeak, a language designed to limit freedom of thought.

When tasked to replace the word “God” in a Kipling poem, Ampleforth refuses, not out of righteousness, or subversiveness, but rather, a simple love for language and respect for the truth. To Ampleforth, no other word makes sense in context and therefore no other word should replace it.


The Ampleforth team consists of world class engineers from Google Search, Uber, UC Berkeley, and USC. Many have worked together for years, and all share an interest in creating a fairer world. Please see the about page for team bios and investors.