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The decentralized unit of account

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AMPL is a price-stable but supply volatile cryptocurrency that targets the CPI-adjusted dollar. It is used as a unit of account and collateral asset.

The AMPL protocol automatically increases or decreases the quantity of tokens in user wallets — such that the price of AMPL reverts to 1 CPI-adjusted dollar.

  • BTC — price changes with demand
  • AMPL — the # of units changes (such that each AMPL = 1 USD)

In practice, this automatic process of adjusting supply in response to demand takes time to find equilibria. Learn about AMPL's key benefits.

 Explore Tranching with AMPL

AMPL greatly simplifies the creation of on-chain derivatives. Traditionally complex financial operations like tranching are now safe, transparent, and simple.

get ( AMPL )

AMPL is a decentralized unit of account and it is the collateral asset used in the SPOT protocol. Holders of AMPL benefit from the growth of the network through supply rebasing.

AMPL: 0xd46ba6d942050d489dbd938a2c909a5d5039a161

get ( FORTH )

Forth is the governance token used to control the Ampleforth Protocol and DAO. Proposals and ideas are surfaced on discord or the public forum, and are finalized when voted on by holders of the FORTH token

FORTH: 0x77fba179c79de5b7653f68b5039af940ada60ce0

describe $ampl --benefits

Key Benefits of the AMPL Protocol

  • Decentralized

    AMPL complete algorithmic. This means assets cannot be forcibly seized or frozen by administrators of the system.

  • Durable

    The Ampleforth protocol simply transfers the volatility of demand from price to supply. The protocol has been live since 2019 and price has consistently returned to target through extreme market conditions.

  • Non-Dilutive

    Supply adjuments (Rebases) proportionally increase or decrease the quanity of tokens in user wallets. For this reason the token is entirely non-dilutive. If you purchase 1% of the network, you will always own 1% unless you buy or sell more, regardless of supply adjustments.

  • Tracks CPI

    AMPL targets the 2019 CPI-adjusted dollar. This means contracts denominated using AMPL remain stable on a purchasing-power-basis over long time horizons.

  • No Oracle Risk

    Although AMPL accepts a 24hr volume weighted price feed attacks on the oracle cannot result in the theft of funds. Applications built using AMPL benefit from AMPL's oracle safety.

  • Use Cases

    As a building block AMPL enables the denomination of stable on-chain contracts without any reliance on centralized custodians or buyers of last resort. This lends itself to use cases including on-chain lending, on-chain borrowing, the creation of on-chain derivatives, and the creation of collateral for a decentralized stablecoin.

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