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SPOT is a decentralized flatcoin that is powered by AMPL. It uses tranching instead of liquidation markets to provide stability that scales.

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Powering Innovations in Money

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The AMPL backed Store of Value is here

Introducing SPOT, a decentralized flatcoin designed to survive black swan events.

The Ampleforth Ecosystem

The Ampleforth Ecosystem is a decentralized finance infrastructure powering innovations in money. Ampleforth develops and supports the use of foundational building blocks for a new digital economy through its unit of account protocol AMPL, its DAO governance protocol FORTH, and its upcoming inflation-resistant store of value protocol.

The AMPL Building Block

The Ampleforth protocol is a set of instructions on the Ethereum blockchain that produces a decentralized unit of account called AMPL. The AMPL token is the primary building block of the Ampleforth Elastic Finance Ecosystem.

1. Simple Policy

AMPL targets the purchasing power of the 2019 USD. When price is higher than AMPL's target, the number of AMPL tokens in user wallets automatically increases. When price is lower than AMPL's target, the number of AMPL tokens in user wallets automatically decreases. For more details see the frequently asked questions.

2. Proven Results

Price volatility prevents modern day cryptocurrencies from functioning as units of account. AMPL solves this in an inflation-resistant, durable, and crypto-native way. The Ampleforth network went live on Ethereum mainnet on 7/1/2019 and since then the price of AMPL has consistently returned to target event through extreme conditions.

Use Cases

The unit of account function of money is fundamental because it enables the denomination of predictable contracts. Such contracts are the building blocks of our financial system today.

AMPL can be used to unlock the following use cases without reliance on centralized custodians.

  • Lending & Borrowing
  • Derivatives
  • Safe Asset Collateral


Although the Ampleforth protocol is simple and its most important qualities cannot be changed, configuration parameters, which platforms and services it integrates with, and broader ecosystem functions are subject to change over time.

These functions are governed by the FORTH token community. For more details see:


Ampleforth's goal is to create a safer, more resilient, financial ecosystem.